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The New Battlestar Squonker Mod From Smoant

The Smoant Release the new Battlestar Squonker at the beginning this year. It succeeds in the traditional Battlestar series, which is the typical items from Cloupor.


Output Mode:VW、VV、DVW
Wires for TC mode:NI、TI、SS316、TCR,
Temperature for TC mode:100-300°C(200-600°F)

The packing adopts the first version. What I get is the yellow one. The surface looks technical. It is amazing with the appearance. First of all, all the advantage for the Battlestar squonker mod are keeps for the Squonker. Also, it has an update for the mod. It has a round shape for a more comfortable touch feeling. The screen enlargers from 0.91 inch to 0.96 inches. There is a slender PMMA  panel in black on the face. It has a strong shock on the vision that the mod is slim and slender.

The Battlestar adopts the popular pump press system for oil filling. The juice bottle is on the back of the mod which fit the mod perfectly. It is a part of the Squonker. There is on single space for the bottle. The material for the Squonker is zinc alloy with the skin-like paintwork for anti-sliding.

You can be pushing forward the battery door to open it.  With a detailed checking, the bottle is also replied to the battery door to slot the bottom of the bottle for fixing. The display for it also updated by adding the puff number, firing time on the screen to get more data for vaping. There fire button and adjustment buttons are made of Plastic material in a tangled shape to have a harmony with the whole mod. It has strong feedback without rattle.

The Battlestar is the most popular item in 2016 is because of the full mode, high output wattage. This time, its chipset must be updated. The lowest resistance is 0.05. Also, it adds the custom adjusting mode setting. With the DWV mode, it is 0.5s as the setting.  On the operation, it discards the useless combination operation and keeps the practical one. Five clicks fire button on/off, Press +- button for locking output wattage, reminding the tank situation.

The 510 connector on the top is excellent. The slot on the ring to prevents the juice from leaking back. The Pump button for juice filling is also to the top. The top cap for the button is removable.

The bottle comes with an innovative design in "W" shape to match the mod perfectly and save the size. It is about 8ml capacity for the bottle. Different from other pump design Squonker, the plastic is the bottle, which would break the seal on connection and lead to a more stable oil filling for high success for juice fill. The separate juice filling hole is large in size, which is as easy for refilling as the pod kit filling system.

It has a good response. The tight press filling, we will have a feeling for filling, even with a mount of using, it is still stable.

The Battlestar has a special design. Considering large size and unstable bottle filling for traditional Squonker mod, the Smoant invest much in solving the problem. Finally, they solve it. For the features and performance, it equips with all features needs and improves the UI interface and low resistance support. There is no delay in firing with stable output wattage.  

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