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So Easy to Use Sigelei E1 80W Kit

The E1 kit is a Starter Kit from sigelei. Yes, when we talk about the Starter kit, then you don't need to worry about it being difficult to use. The Sigelei E1 is a separate Vape Kit, and we can use it separately to give us more options.

It gives us a lot of fun on this 80W output. It allows us to switch between multiple output modes, including POWER/Ti1/316/Ni200/SS (304/316/317). With the support of multiple modes, we can switch to our favorite vape atomizer. When you like vaping, you will prefer RDA Atomizer. Then the E1 kit can still support your needs very well. This is a good Starter kit because it can constantly meet your various vaping needs. Where can I buy the Sigelei E1 80W Kit? If you want to buy this product, you can go to Siglelei official partner Cloumix to buy. In fact, the biggest reason I recommend is that Cloumix can not only buy official authentic but also get free shipping. highly recommended

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