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Portion Control Can Help You Lose Weight

Most people do not realize how portion control can help support weight loss efforts. In a 2004 study involving 329 overweight participants, 38% of them lost 5% of their body weight after practicing portion control for 2 years. The study was conducted by researchers at the Summa Health System in Ohio.

To reduce your weight and avoid mindless eating, follow these tips:

  • Downsize your dishes by using smaller plates, bowls and even serving spoons. In a 2008 study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, participants were asked to serve ice cream for themselves in 17- and 34-inch bowls. Researchers found that people, even nutrition experts, who used larger bowls served themselves 31% more ice cream than those who used smaller bowls.
  • Serve beverages in tall, narrow glasses instead of small and wide ones as they appear to have more liquid, thus making you think that you are drinking more.
  • Do not eat chips and other packaged snacks straight from the bag.
  • When at a restaurant, request a half order or smaller portion of your chosen entree.
  • You can take Botanical Slimming Capsule to help you remove fat and toxins in the body.

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