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Review Eleaf Lemo 3 Atomizer

Experienced the battle of the host power in 2015, the major manufacturers in 2016, playing the "nebulizer" war. The various types of RDA, RTA emerge in an endless stream and dazzle the eyes.

Eleaf also brought us this new RTA - Lemo 3 after silence for a long time.

Detailed Information
Different from the previous RTA, this Lemo 3 carries a replaceable base, which can transform into the ordinary atomizer just one second. Therefore, players have dubbed the Lemo 3 "RTA Plus", means the upgraded version of RTA.
The whole body of Lemo 3 is made of 304 stainless steel, because the base can be replaced, its overall structure is very precise, enough to reflect the excellent process. The set is equipped with a hexagon wrench to enable users to unscrew the screws.
Seemingly complex structures, in fact, are not complicated to use. The package provides a pre - winding Clapton heating wire, all the users need to do is placing the hot wire on both sides of the base. Best matches with Eleaf iStick Power Mod.

There is another atomizer head base that is convenient for the users who are accustomed to using atomizing head. The head provided is the atomizing head NotchCoil with 0.25 ohm, which the characteristics of the stainless steel heater determines that it can be used not only in power mode, can also for temperature control mode

Features of Lemo 3 Tank
1. Innovative interchangeable base design, two kinds of interchangeable base, can use in ordinary atomizer head, can also in DIY hot wire.
2. The set of Lemo 3 is equipped with Clapton heating wire for the RTA base, making large amount of smoke and delicate taste.
3. Pouring liquid at the top is more convenient and quicker.
4. The RTA base provides greater intake and better taste.

Official configuration
1×Lemo 3 nebulizer
1×RTA base
2×Clapton heating wire
1×nebulizer head base
1×ECL 0.3ohm nebulizer head
1×EC NC 0.25ohm(NotchCoil, SS316L heating wire)nebulizer head
1×glass tube
1×cotton (purified cotton)
1×hexagon wrench
6×small screw
1×silicone ring
1×instruction manual

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