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The Little Guy Advancing With The Times - Elaf iStick Trim Mod

For the frequent use of electronic cigarette friends, the portability of equipment is very important. The iStick Trim by Eleaf is loved by many users because of its pocket-sized body. With the electronic cigarette technology and atomizer size changes, iStick also advancing with the times and made the little guy with the times. The screen of Eleaf iStick Trim Mod is at the top and has only one action button. So it is a lot more fashion than the previous iStick mods. It is powered by one 18650 cell, but it can also give you through three different levels of power. You can enjoy different vaping experiences at different power levels. In function, iStick Trim also made an escalation of the times. It has dual circuit protection, so you can rest assured to enjoy vaping experience. It also supports 2A fast charging. Moreover, you can connect it to the computer software to upgrade its firmware.

Eleaf launched the iStick series of products also considered in the electronic cigarette market on the proven. As the recently introduced new products of meet the current market demand, the Eleaf iStick Trim battery mod continued iStick series of pocket, and the fuselage size and function also carried out a further upgrade. I believe iStick Trim is still a worthwhile product for the electronic cigarette users who are familiar with the iStick family of products.

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