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What is a harm to human body cigarettes

What is electronic cigarette? The electronic cigarette is an electronic product, the shape and regular cigarettes, also have the taste of cigarettes, also can suck out like a cigarette smoke, sucked out taste come with feeling. Electronic cigarette is not really smoke, however, it is by air sensing switch, intelligent control circuits, smart chip, lithium ion batteries and other microelectronic technology components, is used to replace cigarettes, gang an effective stop smoking products.
We all know that smoking is harmful to our health “smoking is harmful to health. “Smoking and drinking, can live ninety-nine” consolations just fun, no one will really believe in. If you smoke, you should find nostrils are all yellow black ash, the teeth can also more and more black, thus can also imagine your lungs is a. (before I go to bed every day with a tissue pour out my nose clean, brush your teeth for 3 minutes, after brushing his teeth and resolute don’t smoke.) Smoking is harmful to one’s health is because the tobacco contains large amounts of nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, and so on a lot of harmful substances, not only to oneself, also greatly to harm the people around.
For many people, smoking is a way to relieve stress, relax a way; I finish one thing, think a problem, tired, sleepy, always want to point a cigarette. But according to the latest research abroad, smoking does not reduce anxiety, but can make people anxious, long time under the condition of not smoking, people will have significantly lower anxiety.eVic-VT 60W is best!

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