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The atomizer in electronic cigarette should be cleaned?

Electronic aerosolization is divided into two, one is disposable type smoke bombs, smoked needs with new ones smoke bombs, there is a liquid smoke can add a secondary cycle of nebulizer. Now let’s explore the routine maintenance issues of this secondary resistance to oiling nebulizer. About this atomizer atomized core method of cleaning everywhere, such as washing with water, then dried, or vinegar, add water into the nebulizer, and then boiling water, then air dry. After many consumers follow these methods to clean, often short-circuit the battery, atomizer not smoke, liquid smoke taste sour and other issues, but also cause severe explosion (if electronic cigarette battery if there are no short-circuit protection). This improper means to take after cleaning the nebulizer not smoke, because the taste fades in the cleaning process, the atomizing core hidden inside a heating wire is covered with water, because they can not open, consumers are difficult to distinguish whether dried , and again during use, causing a short circuit atomizer, not the smoke. In addition, the secondary market most of the nebulizer in the guide oiling wick is not concealed, the guide ropes of oil is difficult to dry the water, resulting in sour taste liquid smoke and so on. There is consumers do not know the material atomizer, some glass, some are PC material, high-temperature heating cooking is not feasible. In fact, no matter what type of nebulizer is not just cleaned, if you feel less than smoke, or pumping heavy, simply replace the nebulizer or atomizer core can be. Any product are all life, so when that happens nebulizer, indicating that the replacement of the otherwise atomized liquid is not sufficiently atomized liquid smoke can affect the taste, effect will be greatly reduced. And now most of the launched atomizers belong to a detachable atomizer and you only need to replace the atomizer head, with respect to the replacement of the entire atomizer, the cost is greatly reduced. The Aspire Nautilus costs only $27.9 on official authorized distributor website and 5pcs Aspire Nautilus BVC Coil Unit for just $11.9. So low expense, compared with smoking traditional cigarette!

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