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Leading scientists against regulatory electronic cigarettes

53 top scientists warned the world health organization (WHO) WHO, don’t put the electronic cigarettes as tobacco products, because humans will miss this keep cigarettes cause of illness and death of the main chance.
The United Nations to reposition the position of electronic cigarettes, before the United Nations to limit all the nicotine products.
In a letter to the world health organization (who) chairman Margaret Chan’s open letter, scientists from Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, firmly believe that the electronic cigarette is effective against cigarette poison method, and the risk of electronic cigarette itself is extremely low.
Electronic cigarette is likely to be the improvement of human health one of the greatest invention of the 21st century, it could save millions and millions, even more lives. Stop the popularity of electronic cigarettes will be one of the biggest mistakes in human history. The world health organization (who) leaked documents show that it will be electronic cigarettes as a threat, and argues that the electronic cigarette in the classified framework conention on tobacco control in tobacco products. This is an awful thing, because the global 178 countries signed the framework agreement, and must carry out the decisions of the world health organization. It is interesting to note that the United States, it does not sign the agreement.
If classify electronic cigarettes in tobacco products, many countries with strict rules and constraints electronic cigarettes, including increasing taxes, advertising ban, join and cigarettes a similar warning signs, banning public use and so on.
Electronic cigarettes, the battery-powered atomization device of the nicotine solution, rocket, rise in recent years, global output in 2014 is expected to reach more than $3 billion. Electronic smoke quickly preempted by traditional tobacco market, tobacco company in the eye, they spent huge sums to the research of the electronic cigarette harm, but so far nothing.
Government is also struggling with, traditional tobacco tax is too fat, in China, for example, cigarette taxes accounted for about 10% of the total tax revenue. Smoking? Ban fart smoke!
But the wheel of history will finally prove that humans will ultimately make the right choice.
evic vt white will change the world, the Chinese nation will, together with the whole world, to a more healthy and good tomorrow.

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