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Joyetech’s eVic-VT VS IPV 4

While I’ll be sticking with my iPV4 for temp control vaping, it’s only because I prefer replaceable batteries, and the higher wattage of the iPV4. 

The eVic-VT beats the iPV4, in ease of use, and ease of control.  It is an excellent device for anyone wanting to try temperature control, even if they are fairly new to vaping.

While it does help to have some knowledge, Joyetech has done an excellent job, of making the eVic-VT very hassle free.  If you’re a more experienced vaper, and are looking for your next upgrade, this will likely be a pass, unless you’re looking for an inexpensive backup device. With a built in battery the device is pretty much limited to the life of the battery. And if like myself, you sell your old devices to help pay for your next, non-replaceable batteries make that tougher to sell used.  To sum it all up, a great device for people that want to try temp control with no worries, no hassle.  A bit underpowered and limited life for those looking to upgrade from a variable wattage or mechanical device.

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