Wednesday, December 14, 2016

joyetech evic vt temperature control box out of the box

Today we look at the Joyetech company new product, evic vt temperature regulating suits, evic vt packaging for a simple and fancy paper box, both beautiful and environmental protection.
First of all, in the protective foam support device, we found a very bright color evic vt temperature regulating box (the color we choose is orange), and then take out the pressure regulating box and bubbles bracket, we found a temperature regulating box the same color of the ego one mega exclusive necessary temperature control atomizer, a transparent color silica gel protective sleeve, a 1 a evic vt exclusive charging head, a evic vt exclusive USB charging line, and a evic vt temperature control of the pressure regulating box warranty card and instruction manual. There is a lovely little black box, containing a spare atomization core.
Evic vt temperature control core of the spray atomizer bring is composed of ni200 fever wire winding temperature of only 0.2 ohms atomization core, a little black box secondary atomization core 0.4 ohms of temperature control atomization core, and a transparent acrylic replacement.
Joyetech eVic-VT look very handsome, the orange color is very bright, give a person a kind of beautiful enjoyment. Black and orange and white color won’t let a person feel drab, color proportion is very reasonable. Box of top down is the most exclusive joyetech company logo.


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