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Why is iNano Kit so innovative creation by Eleaf?

Eleaf has released so many popular vaporization devices, such as istick series! Recent creations by Eleaf are so different from the previous ones. The iNano Kit and iStick Pico are among them. The iNano Kit is an extraordinary tiny e-cigarette kit with 650mAh/10W power output, more worthy mentioning is the magnetic connector to lock and connect the mod and atomizer, as a result, saving a large aspect of space for good portability. The maximum 10 watt output is suitable and enough for light vaper especially if you are a beginner. The samely innovative stuff is the iStick Pico Mod. Really distinctive one from the other iStick series devices! The single battery installation on top makes it the smallest 75 watt box mod, also leaving you a clean and concise screen through the unique location of adjustment buttons. Wanna give these two stuff? Here is the official authorized online store for the purchase of Eleaf products.

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