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4 Suggestions Form Hairdresser

Summer hair color suit for light color and jumping, but did you know that can bring a lot of damage to hair after dyeing, there are somthings hardresser want to tell you.

Don't try to trendy colors at home!
Black hair is really hard to color!If you really want to challenge a variety of rainbow color, so need to float hair, if you don't pass this step is to dye their hair, then the color of the hair becomes very strange, again to find the stylist stylist will collapse.

Don't use disposable products
Summer is people love to use disposable products, but often use repeatedly, will make become dry scalp can give oil, instead will make scalp unhealthy, thereby affect the hair and try to use shampoo after dyeing color will be better.

Protect a distributed color before swimming
Brine will greatly damage the hair hair color, so when you spend a summer in the pool to find after dyeing, the stylist you will see that the stylist frowning face, and can be hard to let your hair color, because your hair was full of salt and chlorine absorption, damage is very big.

Avoid completely change color
For instance you should thoroughly to gold or rainbow color from black, so you need to pay great price hair, suggest you should slowly transition color, such as let hair dyed chestnut, then slowly transition to light color, the final dyed the color you want, it can maximize the avoid damage your hair.

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