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Because of various reasons, many MM all experience of the stay up late, often because can't stand hungry, and eat the food taken late at night, after eating and fear of become to fat younger sister.What's the food reducing weight is to eat before going to bed and don't get fat?

you can eat Organic tomatoes before sleep,and don't need to worry about your figure.
If you always also does not close his mouth, and super powers, the tomato is your savior of night.Tomatoes are rich in dietary fiber (can help intestinal probiotics in growth) and pectin, can fill your stomach, stimulation of the brain's satiety center, at the same time also can take away the waste acid metabolism in intestinal tract, helping you complete intestinal detoxification during sleep.And the unique of lycopene in tomato and powerful antioxidant, can fight off excess free radicals, help skin aging.When lycopene with citric acid combination can also help you to keep the weight, because the citric acid can promote fat burning, lycopene can inhibit fat cells increased.Staying up late especially, might as well eat more tomatoes, because tomatoes contain plant the pineal gland is very similar, can effectively relieve fatigue.Recommend you to buy organic planting tomatoes, and red is better than peach series, contain more lycopene.Can directly eat, also can be made into a tomato salad, here are two kinds of method of making delicious tomato salad.Almond tomato salad: the tomato slices, lettuce, small, big almond, grinding together in a large bowl, into the right amount of apple cider vinegar (or replace) with yogurt and a small amount of honey, and mix well.Spanish salad: tomatoes, cut into parts, ground up peel cucumber slices, bell pepper slices, according to taste preferences to join half diced onion, added a suitable amount of olive oil and red wine vinegar, add pepper and salt.

I have a friend who bought Bee Pollen Diet to lose weight succssefuly,now don't afraid to eat tomotoes before sleep.

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