Reuleaux RX200S , Colorful Options Now !

Do You know the new color for Reuleaux RX200S was luanched ? five colors for choose now : Silver & Grey ; Black & Red ; White & Black; Black & Blue ; Cyan & Black;and it also luanched the colorful front and back covers . you can change the… Read more »

Kanger Subvod Kit Can Be A Very Nice Starter Kit

The Kanger Subvod Kit is a simple, yet powerful and well-performing, electronic cigarette starter kit. Without all of the bells and whistles of advance personal vaporizers, this setup will work phenomenally straight out of the box with very little experience or knowledge necessary.The Kanger Subvod Kit comes with the Subtank… Read more »

The Wismec RX200 Take On A Really Different Shape

Before you want to buy a Wismec RX200 200W TC Mod , You may want to see a good reviews on the brand new Wismec Reuleaux RX200 200W TC Box Mod from the is one of a good reviews. The Reuleaux RX200 as a whole looks phenomenal!  It takes… Read more »

About The Eleaf iStick Pico 75W Starter Kit !

The Eleaf iStick Pico 75W Starter Kit is a collaboration with JayBo Designs to create the beautiful Eleaf iStick Pico Box Mod alongside the highly functional Melo 3 Mini TC Tank.It is the profound creation from Eleaf to create the perfect well-balanced featured set.Here is the look of this Kit… Read more »

Want to get iStick 200W With Best Price ?

Do You Want to get the very powerful Eleaf iStick 200W with best price? This is the higgest powerful iStick battery nowaday. Compared with the previous iStick TC100W , the innovative streamlined shape of istick 200w makes it so fashionable in appearance. If you are so interested in the unique… Read more »

What is a harm to human body cigarettes

What is electronic cigarette? The electronic cigarette is an electronic product, the shape and regular cigarettes, also have the taste of cigarettes, also can suck out like a cigarette smoke, sucked out taste come with feeling. Electronic cigarette is not really smoke, however, it is by air sensing switch, intelligent… Read more »

Lemo 2 with Eleaf iStick 50W is a good combination for me

These two Eleaf creations are really favored by lots of vapers. I show great preference for the combination of these two. Eleaf iStick 50W is upgraded to 50 watts power output over original iStick series and even includes many protection measurements. Using it to power Lemo 2 really brings the… Read more »

Leading scientists against regulatory electronic cigarettes

  53 top scientists warned the world health organization (WHO) WHO, don’t put the electronic cigarettes as tobacco products, because humans will miss this keep cigarettes cause of illness and death of the main chance. The United Nations to reposition the position of electronic cigarettes, before the United Nations to… Read more »