What is a harm to human body cigarettes

What is electronic cigarette? The electronic cigarette is an electronic product, the shape and regular cigarettes, also have the taste of cigarettes, also can suck out like a cigarette smoke, sucked out taste come with feeling. Electronic cigarette is not really smoke, however, it is by air sensing switch, intelligent… Read more »

Lemo 2 with Eleaf iStick 50W is a good combination for me

These two Eleaf creations are really favored by lots of vapers. I show great preference for the combination of these two. Eleaf iStick 50W is upgraded to 50 watts power output over original iStick series and even includes many protection measurements. Using it to power Lemo 2 really brings the… Read more »

Leading scientists against regulatory electronic cigarettes

  53 top scientists warned the world health organization (WHO) WHO, don’t put the electronic cigarettes as tobacco products, because humans will miss this keep cigarettes cause of illness and death of the main chance. The United Nations to reposition the position of electronic cigarettes, before the United Nations to… Read more »

The atomizer in electronic cigarette should be cleaned?

Electronic aerosolization is divided into two, one is disposable type smoke bombs, smoked needs with new ones smoke bombs, there is a liquid smoke can add a secondary cycle of nebulizer. Now let’s explore the routine maintenance issues of this secondary resistance to oiling nebulizer. About this atomizer atomized core… Read more »

The suggestion of how to choose the suitable electronic cigarette brand

There are too many electronic cigarette brands nowadays on the market. Before choosing an electronic cigarette equipment, firstly you should make it clear that why you turn to electronic cigarette, the price and features, functions of certain vaporization equipment. Then the important thing is to buy the premium product through… Read more »

Evic vt website favourable activity

Special offers on our official website http://www.evicvt.com/! You only need to input the coupon “evicvt20151103” on the corresponding field when doing your checkout and you’ll get the 5% discount for all products on the website. The offer lasts for a month starting from November 5 and welcome to enjoy the… Read more »

joyetech evic vt temperature control box out of the box

Today we look at the Joyetech company new product, evic vt temperature regulating suits, evic vt packaging for a simple and fancy paper box, both beautiful and environmental protection. First of all, in the protective foam support device, we found a very bright color evic vt temperature regulating box (the… Read more »